Therapeutic Laser

This laser is used for a multitude of conditions. From arthritis to hotspots, the laser helps speed up healing, reduce pain, and reduce inflammation. We find that it benefits mature pets with arthritis conditions to become more mobile and comfortable with multiple treatments!

Ask us how our laser can benefit your pet. The laser is completely pain free and our patients are generally relaxed and content while receiving treatment.

IDEXX Suite of Laboratory Equipment

Our state-of-the-art IDEXX laboratory equipment is able to perform a myriad of tests including, but not limited to: CBC (Complete Blood Count), chemistry panels, cortisol levels, bile acids, and thyroid levels.

Many tests produce results in under 10 minutes!

Digital Radiography

The digital radiology machine gives us digital radiographs of our patients in seconds!

Images on our digital radiology machine are very clear. Digital also gives us the capability to alter images, making them easier to read.

Having a digital x-ray machine makes the radiology experience less stressful on your pet. If they wiggle we can easily snap another image right away instead of waiting until the image is developed.

Digital Dental Radiography

Digital dental radiography is an integral part of performing a complete dental exam and oral assessment associated with dental cleanings at our hospital. Doctors get instant information about the health of our patients’ teeth, surrounding gum tissue and bone support. The majority of dental disease in cats and dogs lies under the gum line and digital radiography gives us the ability to assess this.


Our new digital ultrasound equipment allows us to quickly and accurately assess the appearance and health of selected abdominal organs such as the liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, and more.

​It is also useful for determining if inappropriate fluid or gas is in the abdominal or chest cavities. It is non-invasive and non-painful.

Dental Radiography

Our dental radiology machine allows us to take dental radiographs in order to see the condition of a specific tooth or the mouth under the gum line. After taking the radiograph and developing the film we have results in about 3 minutes. This helps us to see the root of a tooth to determine the treatment protocol for your pet.

Surgical Monitoring

We have all of our surgical patients connected to an ECG heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, sPO2 monitor (oxygen level), CO2 monitor (carbon dioxide level), isoflurane (gas anesthesia), temperature monitor, respiratory breathing monitor, and a fluid pump.

This ensures that vitals are closely monitored by the doctor and surgical assistant throughout the procedure.